We’re back from Providence and ready to rock with Lin Carter’s Something in the Moonlight, which can be had for next to nothing in the Cthulhu Mythos Megapack!

We are proud to be sponsored this week by One More Story Games. Check out their site, play a story game, write your own story game, or check out a video of how the engine works. This is a really exciting project for all out there wanting to write and/or game – please give them some love as they bring the site to fulfillment!

Thanks once again to our reader Greig Johnsonwatch him be funny on the YouTubes NOW!

Next week: THE XIPÉHUZ by J.-H. Rosny aîné


It’s the dog days of August Derleth month – we’re wrapping it up with The Gable Window!

Thanks to reader Jeff C. Carter, who says pick up some weird fic from author Edward M. Erdelac.

Because it’s important, here’s the trailer for The Cat from Outer Space.

We’ve got the live and comedy quiz shows from NecronomiCon all mixed and they will be going out to backers soon, followed by EVERYBODY!

Next up: Something in the Moonlight by Lin Carter.



We are having crazy fun at the NecronomiCon and didn’t get the show out on Thursday – but here it is!

Special thanks to reader Dion Winton-Polak!