HP Lovecraft Literary Podcast

Episode 410 – Dagoniad

Episode 410 – Dagoniad Actor/comedian Patton Oswalt is back again to discuss Michael Shea’s DAGONIAD! OH YEAH! Special thanks to reader Heather Klinke! Featuring an excerpt by […]

HP Lovecraft Literary Podcast

Episode 409 – Yesterday Was Monday

We make up for missing time by covering Yesterday Was Monday by Theodore Sturgeon! Special thanks to reader Jeff C. Carter. Check out the Six […]

HP Lovecraft Literary Podcast

Episode 408 – The Street That Wasn’t There

Let’s reconsider reality! It’s The Street That Wasn’t There by Clifford D. Simak and Carl Jacobi. The Man Who Knew Too Little – New York Times article about […]

HP Lovecraft Literary Podcast

Episode 407 – The Vegetable Man

Mimicry Month continues as we tackle The Vegetable Man by Luigi Ugolini! Special thanks to our reader, sweet whisperer Anthony Tedesco! Check out The Weird: A Compendium of Dark […]


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