Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has a bully of a mummy tale, and we’re jabberin’ all about it – it’s Lot no. 249!

Another tip of the fez to our fantastic reader, Jon Hancock!

What’s 227? It was a sitcom. We’re kinda showing our age this week. Especially when we start talking about that one episode of Family Ties in England.

Next week, we’ll really be showing our age, when we experience One of Cleopatra’s Nights!



Mummy Madness Month continues with an action-packed reanimation tale from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Lot no. 249!

Special thanks to our reader, Jon Hancock!

Next week: Mo’ Mummy Mo’ Mummy Mo’ Mummy!



We’re having Some Words with a Mummy by Edgar Allan Poe! Won’t you listen in?

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Thanks once again to reader Joe Scalora for ending the Draculas and kicking off MUMMY MADNESS MONTH -or- IMHOTAPRIL!!!

That doc Chris was talking about? It’s Mummifying Alan: Egypt’s Last Secret.

And the book? That was Electrified Sheep by Alex Boese.

And finally, a comic book look at our new friend, Allamistakeo.