Werewolf History May marches on to The Other Side by Count Eric Stanislaus Stenbock!

Thanks to reader Greig Johnson – co-creator of From Beyond the Beyond!

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Next week: Wolfshead by Robert E. Howard!


We’re kicking off Werewolf History May (and Lackey’s birthday) with a great story: The Refugee by Jane Rice!

Special thanks to our reader, Heather Klinke!

Don’t miss the latest Lackey Johnson take on Lovecraft: From Beyond the Beyond

Next week: The Other Side!


Carnacki CONCLUDES! Get down with The Horse of the Invisible!

Closing out the party is our fantastic reader for the month, Jon Hancock!

Wanna see this plot in action? Check out The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes!

Next up: The Refugee by Jane Rice!